Blacksmith’s shop

Transmission system in the machining workshop.


The museum has a floor area of 420 square metres and is divided into three halls. The central nave is a reproduction of a machining workshop from the mid-19th century. The right-hand aisle is the medieval hall and the left-hand aisle is the Patxi Aldabaldetrecu hall.

The central nave, or machining shop, has a gable roof supported by prominent wooden trusses, from which hang the supports and drive shafts with their pulleys and belts. This transmission system is operated by an electric motor connected by a belt to the pulley of the central shaft, which is connected by the same transmission system (pulleys and belts) to two secondary shafts. This transmission system allows us to see the most representative models of machine tools manufactured by our pioneers in operation: lathes, drills, milling machines, planing machines, saws, etc. Thanks to this transmission system, we show manufacturing processes, technical descriptions and practical examples of machining in a unique way.

We bring back history, through a permanent photographic exhibition showing the work of the people who have contributed to the economic, social and cultural development of the town.

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