The “Makina Erremintaren Fundazioa /Machine Tool Museum Foundation” was constituted in San Sebastian on 28 November 1997. On 7 April 1999, the Machine Tool Museum Foundation was entered in the Basque Country Register of  Foundations. This register is published in the official gazette (11 May 1999).

The Foundation is a permanent, non-profit institution which, in the pursuit of its objectives, develops and promotes a museum at the service of society, open to the public, dedicated to the search for material and immaterial testimonies that are acquired, conserved, disseminated and exhibited for the purposes of study, education and cultural interest.

The aims and objectives of the foundation are:

  1. To recover, conserve, record, restore and orderly exhibit the industrial heritage collections related to machine tools.
  2. To serve as an educational resource to show technological evolution.
  3. To set up a documentation service that through cherishing the heritage from the past also embraces the future of technological development of the machine tool sector.
  4. To provide a tourist attraction and be of cultural interest.