Medieval hall

Blacksmith’s shop

This space shows a blacksmith's shop with its stone forge, typical in our region, complete with all the tools used in the shop such as anvils, tongs, hammers, etc. for the manufacture of various products such as horseshoes, grilles, nails, farm implements, weapons and household utensils. All these items were recovered from the last blacksmith’s shop of the Ibarlucea family in Elgoibar, which was in operation until the summer of 1983.

It should be noted that you can see a semi-metallic "agoa" sample that was produced in our forges.


Gunsmithing tradition

Another of the characteristic sectors of the Lower Deba basin, the manufacture of weapons, is also represented with the reproduction of the Lamot Engraving (1756). This is a historical document that proves the great industrial tradition of the Deba basin. This engraving with numerous drawings and texts provides a wealth of information on the different phases of arms production and the models produced. The lower part of the engraving contains an extensive description of the four armourers’ guilds: cannoneers, wood workers, fitters and trigger makers, whose organisation functioned from the 16th
to the 19th century.

The cannoneers were in charge of forging firearms. Their main task consisted of forging the barrel and finishing it with a file. Within the cannoneers' guild was also the engraver’s guild responsible for making the gold inlays and engravings on the finished cannon.

The trigger makers were responsible for assembling the parts for the firing mechanism.

The wood workers were responsible for making the butt and assembling the cannon, key and rigging around the bolster cases.

The fitters were in charge of making the rigging or auxiliary parts of the weapon and were responsible for assembling the items made by the other guilds. Together with the wood workers, they made the final delivery of the weapon.

This space also holds machines used by our craftsmen: the treadle lathe used by the trigger makers, and the manually operated bench type drilling machines with ball feed used by the shotgun barrel straightener. There are also a number of wood-framed machines such as a pedal-operated pole lathe, a crossbow saw, a cord saw, etc. used for woodworking.